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Andrew Hennigan is a Lecturer, Speaker Coach and Writer, delivering lectures, workshops, training and one-to-one coaching about speaking, writing, networking, influencing, reputation, social media, digital marketing, culture & innovation.


A business school lecturer, freelance journalist and ghost writer, he is also author of the book Payforward Networking.


Are you looking for a compelling speaker for your event or want one-to-one coaching to master the art of advanced speaking? Searching for effective and interesting communication training? Do you need an experienced writer for articles, blogs, speeches, your next book? Give me a call or send me an email.



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Payforward Networking, 2nd Edition on Amazon

In the first edition of "Payforward Networking" I promised that if it did not answer your networking question I would write you a chapter answering that question and send you an advance copy. Now all these new chapters have been added to this revised and expanded second edition.
Like the first edition, it explains how to apply simple yet effective networking techniques that don't feel manipulative. But in addition to all of the essential core chapters about the basics of networking in real life and online, the new version adds many topics that people have asked me to write about. Some are everyday topics like practical mingling and others are more specialized, like how to design office layout to encourage networking or how to connect with people in high places.
This edition answers many more questions than the first, but there is still the chapter making the original promise. If your networking question isn't answered just let me know and I will answer, either through a message or social media or by writing a personal chapter for you.
Available in both paperback and Kindle editions from Amazon here.

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