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Andrew Hennigan provides one-to-one coaching in speaking, presenting, influencing, reputation, brand, intercultural and other aspects of communication, either face-to-face, by telephone, video conference or any other channel you choose. For most programs there is also a "lite" option for one-hour remote sessions at a very attractive cost. Contact speaker@andrewhennigan.com or call 0046 730 894 475 for more information.


Speaking and Influencing.  To be an effective speaker it is not enough to know just speaking techniques; you also need to understand also how the influencing process works and how this relates to effective speaking. In this program you choose real-life communication objectives and then develop a complete influencing strategy to achieve that goal, starting with the preparatory work, then creating the supports and finally practicing delivery of the presentation or speech. This coaching can address different goals, from nervous speakers wishing to acquire confidence to competent speakers aiming at the TED level. Speaking coaching can be done face-to-face or by video; the influencing part can be done by phone, email, chat, video or face-to-face.


Online Reputation Management. Anyone can learn the basics of online reputation management in a few hours, but to apply this knowhow in your personal case can sometimes be complicated by random factors like the number of people with the same name, clashes with brands, cultural/linguistic differences and other issues. Or perhaps you are just too busy to do it yourself.  In this program we work together to cycle though the process of defining the problems, planning actions, implementing them and then measuring the results to ensure that your Google results are in line with expectations. This can be done through email, phone, video or face-to-face.


Intercultural Management. After you have attended courses and workshops on intercultural management you can still encounter issues that were either not covered or are just plain difficult to diagnose. In this progam we analyze real-life problems that you suspect to be cultural and work together to develop appropriate responses, test them and review the result. This ongoing program provides you with support exactly when you need it and the confidence to try new solutions. This topic can be addressed by email, phone, video or face-to-face.


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