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Andrew Hennigan provides expert one-to-one coaching in speaking, pitching, presenting, influencing, intercultural and other aspects of communication, either face-to-face, by Zoom, Teams, Meet or any other channel you choose. Every session is tailored to the specific experience and goals of the client. Contact speaker@andrewhennigan.com or call 0046 73 089 44 75 for more information.


Basic Speaking Skills.   Everyone benefits from being able to speak confidently and effectively, yet this is a skill that anyone can master, with suitable guidance. This program is aimed at people who have not had much experience in public speaking but would like to add this to their portfolio of skills, either because it is needed or as part of career development goals. If you speak rarely today or find speaking extremely stressful this is the program for you.

Advanced Speaking Skills.  You are already a competent and confident speaker but you would like to take your speaking skills to a new level, to become more persuasive, to speak without notes, to appear more natural or to cope with larger audiences. This program takes you to the next level and probably beyond what you thought possible. Define your speaking goals and step by step learn the techniques that make achieving these goals simple and methodical.

Lean Speaking. You are already a confident speaker and you know exactly how to develop and deliver quality content, but you are very busy and don't have as much time as you would like. Master a new process flow that cuts out all of the unnecessary steps in creating and learning new content, so that you can spend much less time on it while still dazzling audiences.

Startup Pitching Skills.   Pitching your startup effectively requires more than just good speaking skills; you also need to understand what your audience is looking for and the common mlstakes that founders often make. Based on long experience coaching founders at Startup Weekend, CreateSpace, Hyper Island and other programs, this highly-focused coaching helps you to identify weaknesses in content and style, quickly developing an effective pitch.

Speaking to Influence.  To be a truly effective speaker it is not enough to know just speaking techniques; you also need to understand also how the influencing process works and how this relates to effective speaking. In this coaching program you choose real-life communication objectives and then develop a complete influencing strategy to achieve that goal, starting with the preparatory work, then creating the supports and finally practicing delivery of the presentation or speech.



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