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Andrew Hennigan designs and delivers useful and interesting workshops on topics related to professional communication.  Workshops are all designed around interactive activities and focus on transferring learnings to everyday work. They can be adapted to suit the number of participants, the time available -- typically one day or a half day -- and the venue. Other topics can also be covered on request. Contact speaker@andrewhennigan.com or call 0046 730 894 475 to discuss your idea.


Ethical Networking and Influencing: Techniques and Strategies for working Effectively and Ethically in a Complex Environment

Whatever you do, if you want to succeed you need to convince other people to do things that will help you, or at least to not get in the way. You can't just order people to do things so you need to master the art and science of networking and influencing. There are many techniques for doing this. Some are plainly unethical and some are questionable but there are many others that are both effective and ethical -- white hat influencingThis workshop introduces the concepts of ethical networking and influencing, covering practical techniques you can master and apply in your everyday activities.  Through hands-on interactive activities participants learn how to apply the learnings to real-life goals and how to use these techniques efficiently. It also explains why this approach is so much better for the people who adopt it, for the people around them and for the community. 

Marketing 101: Concepts and Language

If you are a communications professional or work in some other area of business you probably have to talk to marketers and read their writing. Most people are familiar with the language of marketing but there is a gap between the way words like "branding" are used by marketers and the way they are used in common speech. This workshop introduces non-marketing people to the language of marketing and also the concepts behind them, so you learn to understand not only what marketers are saying but also the thinking behind it. Inspired by a course developed for Berghs School of Communication in Stockholm, this workshop can be presented as a half day introduction, a one-day workshop or a two-day version with more interactive learning activities.


Writing Effective Email in a Global Business

In this half-day workshop participants learn how to use email more effectively by mastering messaging strategies and writing techniques that make it more likely that their messages will be seen, opened, read, understood and acted on. This covers how to write a message subject, how to structure messages, how to write shorter text, how to encourage people to act, how to avoid misunderstandings, how to deal with cultural problems and even when to avoid email.


Speaking & Influencing: Using Communication Skills to Achieve Results

Being a competent speaker is useful but not enough. To be effective in your communication you also need to master the essential skills of influencing and ethical persuasion. In this workshop small groups of people learn how to plan and execute a communication project, starting with the definition of goals and ending with the post presentation followup. This includes both the theory and an opportunity to test and practice the ideas that you have learnt. Participants are encouraged to use a real-life issue for the practical work so that they leave the room already with the answer to one of their problems.


Branding in the Search Engine Age: What Every Professional, Startup or Corporation Needs to Know

Today's world is dominated by search algorithms more than most people realize. Many people start with Google when they are looking for something and many websites also rely on internal searches to make functions work. This complicates the already difficult task of finding suitable brands for products, services and companies. Not only must they sound good and be available, they must also be search engine friendly. In this workshop we explore tested, practical methods for choosing and implementing a brand that will work well with search engines, and also with other critical channels like Facebook and Twitter. Participants then practice the techniques on real-world examples related to their work to obtain supervised hands-on experience so that they are ready to apply the lessons.


Professional Networking: How to Plan, Build and Maintain Your Network

Over the last ten years professional networking has evolved to become a must-do activity for people at all levels in the organization. Once seen simply as a tool for career development or finding business, it has emerged as  key method for enhancing productivity and influencing others. In this workshop you learn what professional networking means today, why it is so important and how to build an effective network using both traditional face-to-face techniques, social networking websites and other, less obvious, web-based tools.


How to Manage Your Online Professional Reputation

When people are going to hire you or do business with you they very often type your name into a seach engine and see what comes up. Making sure that you can be found easily and minimizing unwanted results is therefore something that everyone should be doing, whether they are already in the workforce or still studying. In this lecture you will hear how to monitor your e-Reputation, how to make sure that there are more positive results and what to do with results that are negative. Based on a simple-to-follow five-step plan and hands-on practical work, the workshop allows anyone to leave the room with key actions aleady taken and to improve their online reputation in a matter of days.


Managing Across Cultural Barriers: How to Deal with Key Non-Obvious Differences

Today it is very common for managers to be responsible for teams of people from different cultures, from different professions, different companies and even different generations. To manage these teams effectively an understanding of the impact of cultural differences on the way people behave is a valuable asset. In this interactive workshop a small group of managers learns about the sometimes unsuspected differences that impact management and how they can be addressed. It includes many practical tips from the presenter's real-world experience in managing people from different backgrounds and uses role-playing interactive exercises to develop a clearer understanding of the issues and possible solutions. 


Moving Beyond Cultural Barriers: A One-Day Workshop for Mixed Teams

When a work team includes members from different cultures, performance can be impacted. In most cases the work still gets done but perhaps it takes more time and effort than it should. In this one-day performance-improvement workshop the team is brought together to identify and prioritize the issues that affect the team's work and then find practical solutions. The workshop is based on a series of role-play activities where people discover how others and they themselves behave in typical business scenarios. Participants leave the room at the end of the day with a much clearer understanding of the dynamics of intercultural team work and practical answers for many everyday problems.


Becoming a Compelling and Effective Speaker and Presenter

Anyone can become a compelling and effective speaker with a combination of hard work and some simple-to-learn techniques that can be mastered in a short time. In this interactive workshop small groups of people learn how to do exactly that: how to deliver speeches and presentations that go beyond simple competence, leaving a lasting impression and achieving results. The workshop includes ample opportunity for practical exercises and addresses concepts such as developing a messaging strategy, influencing skills, persuasion techniques, building confidence and dealing with the unexpected. 




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