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Andrew Hennigan designs and delivers useful and interesting workshops on topics related to influencing skills and innovation.  Workshops are all designed around interactive activities and focus on transferring learnings to everyday work. They can be adapted to suit the number of participants, the time available -- typically one day or a half day -- and the venue. Other topics can also be covered on request. Contact speaker@andrewhennigan.com or call 0046 730 894 475 to discuss your idea.


Lean & Agile Speaking. Many people have already learned how to make a competent presentation, but their next challenge is to learn how to do that with the minimum time and effort. This requires new skills related to the process of creating, learning and sometimes adapting in real time a new presentation. Being able to speak convincingly with short lead times gives participants an advantage over their peers. In this interactive workshop a group of people learn together how to apply Lean Speaking techniques so that they leave the room already more effective. This can be packaged with a follow up workshop and/or some individual coaching for each participant.

How to Communicate Disruptive Innovation. Sometimes obviously useful innovations are rejected by the market, managers and sometimes the developers themselves for reasons that appear on the surface to be irrational – like when Xerox invented the modern personal computer in 1973 but chose not to market it. In this 45-minute workshop Andrew Hennigan explains that there are good reasons why these products were rejected and how by studying these reasons we can avoid repeating the same mistakes with our own innovations. In this workshop version paricipants work on their own innovative ideas and learn how to plan an effective communication campaign for them.

Borrow Screenwriter Techniques to Make Presentations Compelling. Many of the techniques used by TV and movie screenwriters can be repurposed to make any speech, lecture or presentation much more compelling and memorable. How you begin, how you end, how you link parts together and how you build in an underlying story arc that draws people into your ideas are all things that we can master simply by borrowing from the techniques borrowed from the toolbox of the professional scriptwriter. In this workshop Andrew Hennigan explains how we can learn these techniques, using examples from well-known movies and TV series.

Essential Career Skills for Academics. To succeed in any career, you need to be able to influence other people effectively. This influence does not come from innate charisma but is the result of applying three essential skills: how to build an influence network, how to speak effectively an how to write persuasively. Participants learn how to build a toolkit that will allow them to perform efficiently in all three areas. This workshop version provides a compact overview or the key skills every academic should have to be successful and includes time to test and practice the concepts.

Professional Networking: Plan, Build and Maintain Your Network. Networking is much more useful and important than it appears, helping you to obtain information, influence people and perform better. At the same time it is probably much easier than you think. In this interactive workshop participants learn the underlying mechanisms that make networking so useful and simple, practical methods that build a strong network without leaning on mingles, small talk or other unpopular activities.

Ethical Influencing Skills. Convincing other people to adopt your ideas is more complex than it appears. It requires a combination of effective communication, credibility, a network of influence, strategy and a plan. To do this without using any manipulative techniques appears to be more complex, but is more effective in the long term. This workshop covers essential influencing skills using exclusively ethical techniques and participants have the opportunity to work on real-world influencing problems.

I am always working on new ideas for workshops so if you don't see what you are looking for, give me a call to discuss



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